The Master of Science (MS) degrees at the Suleman Dawood School of Business are unique and challenging multidisciplinary programmes of study. If you want to learn how to deliver solutions-focused business leadership, you can do no better than to study for a Master of Science degree at the Suleman Dawood School of Business. The degree allows you to specialise in one of three important areas:


  • Business and Public Policy

  • Healthcare Management and Innovation; or

  • Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

Each will equip you with outstanding business education integrated into your area of specialisation.  The one-and-half year Master of Science degree programmes will enable you to effect transformational impact across sectors of the economy given their extreme need for specialist knowledge and managerial know-how.


The LUMS MS core courses ensure that graduates have high level requisite knowledge in core business areas including finance, accounting, economics, data analytics, marketing and strategy.  Specialty courses will hone your understanding of key fundamentals in your area of concentration.  A field project is part of the programme requiring deep practical engagement within an applied enterprise context. Throughout the MB degree programme, blended learning techniques expose students to a diversity of instructional styles, learning technologies, cases studies, readings, role plays and industry engagements.


Following funding options are available to MS-SDSB Programmes at LUMS;