A degree from a tier-one university is one of the few investments with all-but-guaranteed return. Studying in LUMS not only opens doors in the professional world but also unleashes intellectual and financial potential.


At LUMS, we believe that financial circumstances should never stand in the way. To help, LUMS offers interest free loans to the students from less privileged backgrounds who, without such an assistance, would not be able to attend a university.


At Master of Science (MS) Programmes, LUMS Interest Free loan covers partial to full tuition fee expense. These awards are reassessed each academic year based upon performance and demonstrated financial need. The repayment of these interest free loans starts six (6) months after graduation with time period of three (3) to five (5) years.


Remember – loan is an obligation and required be repaid back in installments after graduation. Loan repayment not only contributes towards the recirculation of Financial Aid to deserving students but also inculcates social responsibility and ethical values within the students.