What are the possible financing options for MBA applicants?

Following options are available for MBA students;


  • MCB-SPL 

  • LUMS Interest Free Loan

  • Merit Scholarships

  • External Scholarship


MCB-Student Personal Loan (SPL):

LUMS has entered into an agreement with MCB Bank Limited through which the Bank provides loans with interest to MBA students. The commercial loan facility is pivotal for students who are currently financially unable to afford the cost of tuition and living facilities at LUMS.

Below are the terms and conditions for acquiring MCB-Student Personal Loan (SPL):

  • Maximum PKR 1 million for the whole Programme.
  • Maximum 80:20 of admissible educational programme cost (such as Admission, Registration, Tuition, On-Campus Residence, and any other part / head / item of the fees that is payable in advance by the student to LUMS).
  • In accordance with the schedule of fee payment, the above amount shall be disbursed over maximum of 4 tranches
  • Six-month KIBOR + 2.0%. This rate shall then undergo subsequent resetting on a six-monthly basis in accordance with the change in six-month KIBOR benchmark.  
  • Mark-up accrual shall begin from the day of first disbursement as per the above rates and shall continue on the outstanding principal till the entire repayment of the loan.
  • Repayment for LUMS Regular MBA students will start after 6 months from the time of completion of study (as intimated by LUMS to MCB).


LUMS Interest Free Laon

LUMS offers interest free loans to MBA students. LUMS loans cover partial to full tuition fee expense and are interest free. These awards are reassessed in each academic year based upon performance and demonstrated financial need.


Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarship awards cover partial tuition fee for one year only and are awarded to the top students in admitted batch based on the LUMS Admission evaluation ranking for the first year.


External Scholarships

There are a number of named scholarships available for graduate students. LUMS supporters include individuals and organisations from all over the world.


Does applying for MCB-SPL/ LUMS Loan have any bearing on admission?

No, the request for MCB-SPL/ LUMS Loan has no adverse effect on the admission decision.

Is everyone eligible to apply for MCB-SPL/ LUMS Laon?

Yes, every applicant who is applying for admission may apply for MCB-SPL/ LUMS Loan.

Can students apply for the MCB-SPL during the semester/year?

Yes, any admitted MBA student can apply for MCB-SPL before the commencement of next academic semester/ year. Deadlines for the submission of application will be communicated by the Office of Financial Aid.

Can students apply for the LUMS Loan during the semester/year?

Only those students whose financial situation changes drastically due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. retirement, death, layoffs from job etc., can apply for loan during the semester/ year.

Who is the approving body of the MCB-SPL?

All loans are subject to the Bank’s internal approvals and MCB Bank reserves the right to approve/ disapprove a loan based on its internal assessment. In case a loan is not approved, students will be required to provide the total fees and expenses of the education themselves.



Who is an International applicant?

A Foreign national who is not of Pakistani origin and does not have a Pakistani passport/NICOP/CNIC is eligible to apply to LUMS under its International Student Programme. Applicants holding dual nationality out of which one is Pakistani are not eligible to apply through LUMS International Student Programme.

Are there any scholarships available for international students?

Yes, we have scholarships available for international students. Please visit the link for details:

How and when to apply for ADB-JSP  and other international scholarship?

Students are required to apply for this scholarship by submitting ADB-JSP application sheet form along with the online admission application for MBA programme.

What should I submit with my scholarship application?

Students are required to submit the following documents:

  • Latest Income Tax Return 
  • Certification of annual salary/monthly salary, whichever is available
  • Certification of family income (parent's income)
  •  Any other document (s) used for application evaluation
Is everyone eligible to apply for international scholarship?

No, this scholarship is available to citizens of SAARC countries only.

What is the criterion of awarding this scholarship?

Admitted students with outstanding caliber will be awarded this scholarship.

How will I be informed if I am awarded a scholarship?

Final Admission decision along with the scholarship status will be communicated through an official letter; regretfully, we are unable to provide information regarding your application status by telephone or e-mail.

Do completion and submission of application form guarantee my scholarship?

No, completion and submission of the application form does not mean that you have been accepted for a scholarship.

Can I apply for this scholarship during the semester/year?

Since assessment is done on yearly basis hence, separate applications will not be catered if are not submitted along with online admissions application at the time of admissions.

What is the maintaining eligibility in subsequent years?

This scholarship is awarded to the returning batches who are placed on Dean's Honour List based on their academic performance.

Whom should I contact in case of any query?

You can email us at in case of any query.