What are the possible financing options for MBA applicants?

Following options are available for MBA students;

  • MCB-SPL 
  • LUMS Interest Free Loan
  • Merit Scholarships
  • External Scholarship
  • Women Scholarship

Does applying for MCB-SPL/ LUMS Loan have any bearing on admission?

No, the request for MCB-SPL/ LUMS Loan has no adverse effect on the admission decision.

Is everyone eligible to apply for MCB-SPL/ LUMS Laon?

Yes, every applicant who is applying for admission may apply for MCB-SPL/ LUMS Loan.

Can students apply for the MCB-SPL during the semester/year?

Yes, any admitted MBA student can apply for MCB-SPL before the commencement of next academic semester/ year. Deadlines for the submission of application will be communicated by the Office of Financial Aid.

Can students apply for the LUMS Loan during the semester/year?

Only those students whose financial situation changes drastically due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. retirement, death, layoffs from job etc., can apply for loan during the semester/ year.

Who is the approving body of the MCB-SPL?

All loans are subject to the Bank’s internal approvals and MCB Bank reserves the right to approve/ disapprove a loan based on its internal assessment. In case a loan is not approved, students will be required to provide the total fees and expenses of the education themselves.

How and when to apply for ADB-JSP ?

Students are required to apply for this scholarship by submitting ADB-JSP application sheet form along with the online admission application for MBA programme.

How will I be informed if I am awarded a scholarship?

Final Admission decision along with the scholarship status will be communicated through an official letter; regretfully, we are unable to provide information regarding your application status by telephone or e-mail.

Do completion and submission of application form guarantee my scholarship?

No, completion and submission of the application form does not mean that you have been accepted for a scholarship.

Can I apply for this scholarship during the semester/year?

Since assessment is done on yearly basis hence, separate applications will not be catered if are not submitted along with online admissions application at the time of admissions.

Whom should I contact in case of any query?

You can email us at helpdeskofa@lums.edu.pk in case of any query.