There are a number of named scholarships available for MBA students. To be considered for any external funding opportunity, students are required to file their financial aid form along with the online admission application. Students will be nominated on the basis of the criterion specified by the donors. Selection however, is entirely dependent upon the donor body.

UK-Aid under the Department for International Development (DFID)

LUMS has undertaken a partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID) to alleviate poverty through higher education under the banner of an “Empowerment through Education Initiative”. The broader purpose of the initiative is to create the momentum for a strengthened and expanded program of financial aid for economically disadvantaged students at LUMS that can sustainably continue beyond the life of the initiative.

This is a non-loan financial aid instrument which is available only to students from the lowest income households. The grant of financial assistance is based upon the internal assessment by the University’s Financial Assistance Committee of the information in the submitted financial aid application and financial credentials. The eligibility criterion for the award of financial aid is good academic past performance and genuine need for bursary assistance established by the committee each year.

For further information visit DFID Department